Selecting a Senior Living Facility is a big step, whether it is for yourself or for a loved one! There are many factors to consider and probably the most important issue is first determining whether you or your loved one needs an “Assisted Living” facility, or if an “Independent” facility will work.

What is the difference between an Assisted Living facility and an Independent Living facility?

An Assisted Living facility will provide help, usually with regards to medical, memory or aging issues. These issues greatly impact a persons ability to safely live at home, so they seek a living facility that offers options with regards to the level of help or assistance they will need. On the other side is the Independent Living facility, where a person makes the choice of moving into a facility because they no longer want the burden or responsibility of living in their current home.

In addition, many Independent Senior Living facilities offer outsourced medical assistance where options or levels of help and care are available as needed or scheduled. This option works well for those individuals who for the most part can function in their own and want to remain as independent as possible, but on occasion require some help throughout the week.

So, what are the benefits of Independent Living?  Here are just a few:

1.  Improved Socialization.  Many seniors make the decision to move into Independent Living facilities because of the ability to enjoy are participate with more social activities. Any quality independent living facility will offer a wide range of activities that help improve physical, social and mental faculties for their residents. Numerous studies show that keeping social and active helps improve people’s happiness and well being.

2.  Safety. And, not just safety in terms of crime, but over all safety with regards to daily life. Independent Senior Living facilities are designed with senior mobility in mind, and are staffed with professionals that are used to dealing with the aging population.

3.  Convenience. One of the most important reasons why seniors move into Independent Living facilities is the fact that many of the services offered, such as cooking, cleaning, transportation and on-site activities such as gyms, pools, scheduled events and more, are all convenient when you live there.

It is important to understand the difference in Assisted Living and Independent Living when you are searching for yourself or a loved one.  Once you understand the difference you will then want to make sure that those benefits listed above, and other benefits that are important to you, are all present with any facility you are considering.

Look for future blogs, where we will discuss additional things that are important when considering your move to a Senior Facility.

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