Fit 2 B Healthy
24 x 7 Home Care


We are convinced from our 25 years at The Heritage Downtown, our Health & Wellness Programs keep our Active Senior Community healthier than at any other senior property.  From walking to the Performing Arts for a special wine tasting and viewing of Mamma Mia, to having Downtown Walnut Creek within 1 block of our gated entrance, all make The Heritage Downtown a special, Active and Healthier Community Living Option.

Over the last 25 years we have also developed the best possible 24 x 7 home care program.  This is by far the right solution for temporary illnesses, injury, or other physically encumbering problems.  Our vendor, Live 2 B Healthy/Interim Healthcare, provides our Community with 24 x 7 on-site Active Speciality Caregiving, with on-site facilities to provide the specialty care necessary to get each individual back to living a healthy life.

We and our physician consultants are convinced, the alternative of going to an Assisted Living Option apartment property creates a purposeful dis-incentive that promotes greater costs to the Senior and puts each person on a dismaying institutional pathway.


Interim HealthCare Flyer Image in Walnut Creek California