We make it our mission here at The Heritage Downtown to provide the best quality of life for our residents! As they spend their twilight years with us we know that providing an environment that offers a wide range of activities and promotes healthy lifestyles helps to improve happiness and longevity.

A common issue among seniors that “take away” from their own quality of life is isolation. There are many things that can cause a senior to become isolated, and these include:

1. Poor Vision or Hearing. Because both of these can cause a senior to become less social, often times they end up becoming isolated because they cannot communicate with others very well. Encouraging testing in these areas can help improve their quality of life. The technology in hearing aids and in vision improvement have come a long way, and will help seniors communicate better among their peers.

2. Incontinence Issues. Often times seniors face this issue, and it is easy to understand that a senior who experiences incontinence may be hesitant to leave their home and could become isolated. When family caregivers and health professionals make sure that incontinence issues are appropriately addresses, for example through medications and incontinence supplies, incontinent seniors can have a better opportunity to recognize their social potentials and live life without embarrassment and fear of going into public.

33.  New residents who don’t know the facility or other residents.  Often times it is hard for a new resident to become socialized into their new living environment.  They may have little or no family, and now are living in a new place, different from their home of many years, with no friends.  It is important for the staff to help them integrate into their new life by encouraging that they not dine alone, and that they participate in activities that involve others.  Part of the efforts to improve the quality of life for our residents is to make sure we offer a wide range of activities and even transportation, so our residents have the opportunity to continue doing things they love to do, such as shopping and dining off-site.

4.  Losing a sense of purpose.  Seniors with a sense of purpose or hobbies that really interest them are less likely to succumb to the negative effects of social isolation. Besides providing a sense of purpose, many hobbies and interests are inherently social in nature. Anything that involves a group, for example, playing bridge, could be said to be socially healthy. If a senior is bereft of ideas for what to do, there are always planned events at the local senior center. Volunteering is also great way of maintaining and expressing a sense of purpose. Encouraging seniors to remain active in their hobbies and interests, and providing them opportunities to volunteer can help them maintain their sense of purpose and keep them from becoming isolated and lonely.

There are many factors that can cause a senior to become isolated from others.  When you are selecting an independent senior living facility for yourself or a loved one we suggest that you look at these factors and how the facility provides an environment that fosters improved quality of life….just like we do here at The Heritage Pointe.

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