Martini ClubOur Martini Club is more than just an event. Martinis bring to mind another era of style and sophistication; martinis have a dash of mystery and a twist of elegance. Though the monthly club is for our residents, the Martini is our guest of honor. The Martini’s vibe is “loungey” and reflects the club as residents mingle and chill, all while enjoying cheese, crackers and sliced meat. The martini was popularized by Bond… James Bond, however a tuxedo is not mandatory to enjoy our “The Heritage Downtown” Martinis.


A popular theory on the origins of the Martini suggests it evolved from a cocktail called the Martinez, served sometime in the early 1860s at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco, which people frequented before taking an evening ferry to the nearby town of Martinez. Alternatively, the people of Martinez say the drink was first created by a bartender in their town, or that the drink was named after the town itself.


Classic martini glasses, gin, vodka and vermouth are the real stars of our Martini Club. Poured into a cocktail shaker with a splash of olive juice, shaken or stirred depending on preference, and garnished with an olive is what makes our Martini Club. What makes our Martini Club unique, however, are the people who come to enjoy it and the socialization they bring – laughs flow along with the cocktails.


The Martini Club typically meets two Tuesdays a month at 4 pm.