Walnut Creek vs Burlingame Retirement Community Comparison – Bay Area Guide for Seniors

  Burlingame Retirement Communities in the San Francisco Bay Area Many 55+ individuals agree that the San Francisco Bay Area is a sensational place to retire. There are a variety of great cities to choose from when looking for a new place to call home, making it a little confusing as to where you should spend your golden years. With that said, we created this Walnut Creek vs Burlingame Retirement Community Comparison to jump-start your search. You will also have a chance to view our other senior community guides as well. Our comparisons go into detail, giving you a broad view of each Northern CA retirement community. Let’s get started so you can be that much closer to packing your bags and enjoying your retirement!

Great Senior Communities in Burlingame & Walnut Creek

The fact that you have narrowed your search down to the Northern CA Bay Area is fantastic. Now you just have to pinpoint which city within this area is best for you. We recommend starting your search by looking into Burlingame and Walnut Creek, CA. These two San Francisco Bay Area retirement communities are popular with the older adults, and are said to be outstanding places to retire. This Senior Bay Area Guide will discuss such essential topics as transportation, cost of living, crime, entertainment, and more. Once you have finished reading, you will have a well-rounded view of both cities, and may just want to retire there sooner rather than later! Let’s begin our journey into the specifics of your possible new retirement community:

Location – Spend Your Golden Years in Sunny Northern CA

Independent Active Seniors Living in a Burlingame Retirement CommunityWhen it comes to location, Northern CA is one of the most popular places in California. It has much to offer city and nature lovers alike. With the San Francisco Bay waters, rolling hills, charming cityscapes, and more, you really can’t go wrong with this location. When referring specifically to Walnut Creek and Burlingame retirement communities, their locations are outstanding and worth looking into.
Walnut Creek, CA:
This popular San Francisco Bay Area senior community sits in the East Bay area of the beautiful Contra Costa County. Walnut Creek provides its residents with outstanding natural landscapes, as well as a sensational cityscape. If you’re looking for a location that offers much nature, Walnut Creek can certainly meet that need. It sports a stunning view of Mount Diablo, is known for its rolling hills, walking trails, and public parks. If you’re more interested in the city life, Walnut Creek has that also. In fact, it provides its locals with a bustling city atmosphere. This especially holds true within the downtown area. The Heritage Downtown actually sits in the heart of downtown Walnut Creek. This provides its residents with lots of entertainment, shopping, and dining options. If you love to get out of your home city to explore, it’s easy to do when you live in this East Bay retirement community. This is because a few major freeways interconnect within the city, which makes it a convenient hub for traveling to most destinations.
Burlingame, CA:
If you move to a Burlingame retirement community, you will be living in San Mateo County, and beautifully situated on the shoreline of the San Francisco Peninsula. Additionally, multiple creeks run across the city from the hills into the bay, making it a nice place to live for nature lovers. Burlingame is comprised of 6.1 sq. miles, with 4.4 sq. miles of land, and 1.7 sq. miles of water. If you truly are a nature lover at heart, Burlingame offers a variety of parks, many beautiful eucalyptus groves, hiking trails, and more. In addition to this, for those city lovers out there, this senior hot spot offers all that a big city can offer, but with a small town feel that many love. Living in a Burlingame retirement community will enable you to easily travel in and out of the city. This is due to the fact that the San Francisco International Airport is not too far away, and multiple major highways run through Burlingame. If you are one to explore, you will want to take a look at our Bay Area Senior Destination Guide to get a few ideas for afternoon getaways!

Climate – Enjoy Great Weather in the San Francisco Bay Area

If your goal is to move to a city that boasts great weather, it really doesn’t get any better than the Northern CA Bay Area. Although the weather may vary depending on which city you retire in, it’s all pretty much great weather. Since some cities offer different weather, you will want to ensure that you are looking into a Bay Area retirement community that suits your needs when it comes to things like rain, temperature, and so on. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what a Walnut Creek and Burlingame retirement community has in store for you:
Walnut Creek, CA:
This East Bay senior community is known for its pleasant weather. Plus, it sports a record of unbroken sunshine throughout the year. Its average temperatures are typically in the mid 30s to high 80s, depending upon the season. The residents of The Heritage Downtown love the weather offered in Walnut Creek because it allows them to take daily walks, soak up the sun, and just get out and about on a regular basis. Additionally, the rain patterns in this NorCal city are fantastic. There is just enough rain to keep the area lush and green, meaning that it does not rain excessively. This makes it a perfect place to retire if you have issues with joint pain on damp days. So, if weather is important to you, Walnut Creek is certainly at the top of the list!
Burlingame, CA:
This San Mateo County retirement community is a bit on the cooler side. This is because it’s located right on the edge of the San Francisco Bay. Because of this, it doesn’t get much warmer than the low 70s, even in the summer months. If you are one to get cold easily, and love the warmer weather, you may want to take this into consideration. Additionally, when it comes to rain, it experiences a bit more than Walnut Creek. In the winter months of Dec., Jan., and Feb., the rainfall averages over 6 inches. This can make for a lot of cold rainy days, so be sure you are up to this type of weather before packing your bags. Summer and fall do offer lower rain averages though, similar to other Bay Area cities. Burlingame Retirement Community Weather

Cost of Living – Retire in an Affordable Bay Area City

If you’re on a budget, like most senior citizens are, you will want to pay close attention to the cost of living in the Bay Area city you’re thinking about retiring in. Even if you have fallen in love with a particular Northern CA retirement community, if it has a high cost of living, you may not have enough money for living expenses. We researched both of these San Francisco Bay Area retirement communities and found that Burlingame is actually 94.3% more expensive than Walnut Creek. In addition to this, the housing costs in a Burlingame retirement community are 154.2% more expensive than Walnut Creek. So, if money is a concern, it might be an issue retiring in Burlingame, CA. We have provided additional numbers for you to get a feel for the cost of living in each city:
Walnut Creek Retirement Community Cost of Living Numbers:
  • Overall: 195.1
  • Housing: 377.9
  • Transportation: 127.5
  • Food & Groceries: 112.0
Burlingame Retirement Community Cost of Living Numbers:
  • Overall: 379.9
  • Housing: 960.7
  • Transportation: 146.8
  • Food & Groceries: 123.6
100 = National Average. Under 100 means less expensive than the U.S. averages. Above 100 means more expensive – 2020 statistics.

Population – More Seniors Retire in Walnut Creek Than Burlingame

Some may not think to research the population numbers of the Bay Area retirement community they are interested in. But in reality, if a city has a large population, you may have to deal with an overcrowded city. There could also be the possibility of high crime that’s typical with larger cities. You can also find certain issues when a city’s population is too small, such as not having enough senior programs available. We have found that Walnut Creek has a nice mid-sized population. Burlingame’s population is a bit on the small side, but still large enough to offer adequate senior programs.
  • The median age is 8.2 years younger in Burlingame than in the city of Walnut Creek.
  • Walnut Creek sports a population of 68,516, and Burlingame comes in at 30,401.
  • The number of seniors 65 to 74 who have retired in Walnut Creek is 13%, and Burlingame is 7.3%.
Take a look at these numbers if you’re interested in knowing what the 85+ population is in both cities: Burlingame Senior Community in the Bay Area

Transportation – Walnut Creek & Burlingame Retirement Communities

Whether you are one to get out and travel to the surrounding areas, or just zip around town, you will want to ensure your future San Francisco Bay Area retirement city has what you need. If you move to an area that does not provide the needed transportation options, you may just end up spending more time at home than you would like. Or, worse yet, not have a reliable ride to your medical appointments. Let’s take a look at what Burlingame’s retirement community transportation options are, along with Walnut Creek:

Walnut Creek Transportation:

Retire in Burlingame or Walnut Creek CAThis San Francisco Bay Area senior retirement community has all the transportation options you could hope for. Walnut Creek not only has great public mobility options, but also transportation that was designed specifically for older adults. Here is a summary of what this outstanding Northern CA senior community has to offer:
  • 55+ Transportation: Walnut Creek really takes care of its seniors when it comes to transportation. For instance, they offer a Senior Mini-Bus Program that will certainly get you where you need to go. The cost is only one dollar each way. It’s a great means of transportation for those wanting to avoid riding the public bus to get to your medical appointments, or local shops.
  • Walnut Creek Downtown Trolley: This fantastic way of traveling around the downtown area is free to ride! It runs seven days a week and will take you up and down the streets of the downtown area. This section of the city has many restaurants and shops to explore. The trolley comes in handy for enjoying an afternoon downtown. Residents of The Heritage Downtown utilize this means of transportation on a daily basis. 
  • Walnut Creek Shuttle Service: Another popular way for seniors to travel is to catch the Creekside or Shadelands shuttles. There is no charge to ride these shuttles, making it a great way to get around the area. They will take you to the local stores, medical appointments, and other popular destinations. 
  • City Transportation: The retirement community of Walnut Creek has a convenient Bay Area Rapid Transit station where you can catch a ride and travel around the Bay Area. After all, there is much to see in the Northern CA area! When you want to just get around the city of Walnut Creek, you can rely on the city bus, County Connection. It runs every day of the week and travels to popular destinations within the city.

Transportation in Burlingame, CA:

Retiring in Burlingame, CA, will provide you with transportation options that will ensure you get to the locations that are necessary for you. This can include catching the local bus to run to the grocery store, riding the Burlingame Trolley for a fun afternoon of shopping, and more. Let’s take a closer look:
  • Burlingame Trolley: Seniors, along with the general public, can take advantage of the Burlingame Trolley to head over to visit all the stores and restaurants that are located on Burlingame Avenue. It operates seven days a week and is free to ride!
  • Public Bus: When you want to take a ride to your local grocery store, your doctor’s office, or simply to grab lunch with some friends, you can rely on the city’s public bus, SamTrans. It’s an affordable means of transportation that is used by seniors of all ages, every day of the week.
If you think you may want to travel around the Bay Area for an afternoon of fun, here are a few places that might interest you – San Ramon, Concord, San Jose, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Menlo Park.

Crime Rate – Safe Retirement Communities in Northern CA

When it comes to safety, you will want to ensure you fully research the Bay Area city you want to retire in. Although the scenery might be sensational, or the weather might be perfect, if there is a higher amount of crime in the area, or surrounding area, you will want to think twice. Living in a low crime city is essential to enjoying your golden years. It’s important to feel safe not only in the neighborhood you reside in, but also the city streets that you may be waiting to catch a bus on, or the parking lot of your local grocery store. With this in mind, we researched what the crime rate would look like if you moved to a Burlingame retirement community, or Walnut Creek. You will be happy to know that both cities offer low crime rates.

Healthcare – Professional Hospitals for Seniors is Essential

Burlingame and Walnut Creek - Northern CA Retirement CommunitiesNo matter what your age, having a good healthcare facility nearby is essential. If an emergency arises, you would not want to travel 30 minutes to the nearest hospital. Because of this, we researched the hospitals in the Burlingame and Walnut Creek area to provide you with more information:

Walnut Creek John Muir Medical Center

If you retire in Walnut Creek, John Muir will be close at hand if an emergency comes up. Or, if you simply wanted to visit your doctor. It’s close to Downtown Walnut Creek, nearby The Heritage Downtown. This professional hospital is known for its awards and recognitions, specifically being recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s premier healthcare providers. In addition to this, this East Bay hospital is a recipient of the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ for certification as a Primary Stroke Center. They have also been accredited by the American Heart and Stroke Association. John Muir Medical Center boasts 554-licensed beds. It provides care in orthopedics, rehabilitation, neurosciences, cardiac, trauma, cancer care, and more. If you move to a Walnut Creek senior community, you will be well taken care of when it comes to your health.

San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

The city of Burlingame does not have a main general hospital in the vicinity. The closest hospitals are about a 25 minute drive. Because of this, we are featuring the best medical facility in this area, the San Francisco General Hospital, which serves around 100,000 patients each year. This outstanding hospital is well-rounded with services in outpatient, inpatient, emergency, diagnostic, neurosurgery, orthopedic, surgery, and more. It also has a level one trauma center that is the only one of this level in the area. Due to its location, this hospital is partnered with UCSF research centers, with budgets of more than $150 million a year. In sum, although not directly in Burlingame, San Francisco General Hospital is equipped to handle any emergency or medical treatment that’s needed.

Entertainment – Interesting Things to Do in Burlingame & Walnut Creek

For most seniors, retirement is all about finally having a chance to relax and enjoy life without having to report to a daily job. Now is your chance to have the time of your life! It’s time to explore all your new San Francisco Bay Area retirement community has to offer. With that said, it’s important to make sure the city you decide to retire in has a wide array of fun and interesting things to do. We gathered some information on both Bay Area senior communities to provide you with a list of entertainment options. Let’s take a look:

Walnut Creek Senior Community Entertainment:

Senior Housing in Burlingame CAThis bustling city really offers much to its community. From senior programs to the performing arts, you will never get bored in Walnut Creek. In fact, seniors from other Northern CA retirement communities travel to this East Bay city to take part in all that’s going on.  
  • Ruth Bancroft Garden: This lovely garden that rests in the city of Walnut Creek is said to be a favorite among The Heritage Downtown senior residents. The garden was founded by Ruth Bancroft, and built up and maintained by Ruth for many years. It spans 3.5 acres and features terrific succulents, and other plants. While there, you will have the opportunity to take a self or docent-led tour. Additionally, classes are available, and community events are often taking place there. We can say for sure that if you move to Walnut Creek, you will love this garden!
  • Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival: This fabulous street fair has been going strong for about 38 years. So much so that it attracts seniors from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. But for those who retire in Walnut Creek, it will be in your neck of the woods, for you to enjoy, year after year. It showcases live music, arts and crafts, local award-winning wines, fine craft beers, many vendor booths, items for sale, and fantastic food to eat. Trust us, you will not want to miss the Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival!
  • Lesher Center for the Arts: Out of all the entertainment options in Walnut Creek, the Lesher Center for the Arts is said to be the most popular. This is because of its level of professionalism, and its ability to entertain the public year after year. The residents of The Heritage Downtown have recently partnered with the Lesher Center for the Arts, and their residents couldn’t be happier about this. This well-known arts center boasts such performances as comedies, musicals, operas, plays, ballets, and more. Additionally, the Lesher Center for the Arts houses the Bedford Art Gallery, a wonderful gallery filled with fine contemporary and classical works of art.

Retire in Burlingame with These Fantastic Entertainment Options:

San Francisco Bay Area Retirement Communities for Active Living SeniorsFor those who decide to move to a Burlingame retirement community, you will find plenty to keep you entertained. From a visit to a wonderful wildlife area to a stroll through a museum, this senior hot spot has got you covered. In addition to this, the big city of San Francisco is nearby and has more entertainment options than you could imagine. For now, let’s see what Burlingame has to offer you:
  • Peninsula Museum of Art: Are you a lover of the arts? If so, this Bay Area retirement community museum has plenty of it. It sports five rotating gallery exhibits that will keep you coming back for more. Additionally, this museum also has a permanent collection of art that you can always view when in the mood for some great works of art. They also provide an art resource library, classes, artist studios, and of course, a gift shop! This museum focuses on many different types of art – abstract, impressionist, fantasy, and classic, just to name a few. There are also studios where artists can work on sculptures of wood, bronze, and other media. You can watch as they create their masterpieces. This is a nonprofit corporation and is free to the general public. The Peninsula Museum of Art is really a must visit!
  • Mills Canyon: For those seniors out there who love getting out to explore the great outdoors, you will want to make sure to visit Mills Canyon. It features sensational plant and animal species, walking trails, beautiful landscapes, lots of trees, grasslands, and more. It’s a great place to get some fresh air, along with sunshine, as you spend time with your fellow seniors in the great outdoors.
If you move to one of these San Francisco Bay Area retirement communities, you are not restricted to just enjoying entertainment in those specific areas. The Bay Area has many cities that offer plenty of activities and interesting places to visit. Take a look at a few of our other community write-ups to read about what entertainment is available in other cities like Pleasanton, Novato, Oakland, San Mateo, and Dublin.

Senior Housing in Burlingame & Walnut Creek

After reading through our Walnut Creek vs Burlingame Retirement Community Comparison, you feel you would like to spend your golden years in one of these senior hot spots, it’s time to then start searching for 55+ housing in that area. Both cities provide great Bay Area senior housing options. It’s really just a matter of doing research based on your preferences. You will want to pay close attention to senior housing facility pricing, amenities, proximity to transportation options, and the like. No matter where you decide to set up camp, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to retiring in Burlingame or Walnut Creek, CA. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some details regarding senior housing in these Northern CA retirement communities.

The Best Senior Housing in Burlingame, CA

Are you leaning towards a Burlingame retirement community? If so, we are sure you are going to love this area. Now that you have made your selection, it would be wise to create a list of all the things you are looking for in a San Francisco Bay Area retirement community. This may include the number of residents in the facility, amenities, dining options, cost of housing, the look of the housing itself, as well as the neighborhood, and whatever else is important to you. Once you have your list, start calling 55+ homes in Burlingame to inquire with your questions. If possible, set up a tour to view the facility. We wish you the very best in finding the perfect senior housing facility in Burlingame!

Walnut Creek Senior Housing

The Heritage Downtown Senior Apartment Homes in Walnut CreekDid you decide that you would love to retire in Walnut Creek? If so, Welcome to the club! This East Bay retirement community is home to many happy senior citizens who just love their place of residence. With all that Walnut Creek has to offer, there are no regrets when moving to this area! In addition to this, Walnut Creek is home to The Heritage Downtown, a fabulous senior apartment home community. Here are a few details:

The Heritage Downtown Active Senior Living Apartment Homes

These luxury senior apartment homes are known to be the number one retirement community in the San Francisco Bay Area. They feature must-have amenities that don’t compare to other senior housing within the area. For instance, they sport spacious rooms, with outstanding floor plans, the best fitness programs, secured covered parking, extra storage, a game room to socialize with your friends, a wonderful library, and much more. The Heritage Downtown has a much talked about heated pool and spa, a lovely garden room, along with technology centers with modern internet stations. Loved by all their 55 plus residents, is a home theater for gathering on movie nights, or to just watch a movie with a few of your fellow seniors. You can also enjoy 24 hour concierge service, which brings a sense of peace to their older adult residents. The Heritage Downtown showcases an on-site, 5-star restaurant, Newton’s own. A farm to table type dining that produces healthy and delicious meals. For some, The Heritage Downtown’s best feature is the fact that it’s located in the heart of downtown Walnut Creek. This provides the ability to stroll over to the local shops and restaurants. Additionally, The Heritage Downtown is proud to announce that they have had zero cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. Read our latest article on how The Heritage Downtown is keeping its senior residents safe from the coronavirus.

Learn About Other Bay Area Retirement Communities

If you’re not sure if a Walnut Creek or Burlingame retirement community is for you, we are providing a list of additional San Francisco Bay Area senior communities that you can view:

Move to a Walnut Creek or Burlingame Retirement Community and Live Life the Way it was Meant to Be!

We hope you have gotten much out of our detailed article on Walnut Creek and Burlingame retirement communities. By now, you may have a better understanding of what it would be like to retire in one of these Bay Area senior hot spots. If you have landed on Walnut Creek, and feel you would like to look into residing at The Heritage Downtown, we invite you to give us a call at 925 943-7427. Our caring team members would love to speak to you to answer any questions you may have. You can also contact The Heritage Downtown online. We not only look forward to speaking with you, but also can’t wait to get you set up within our outstanding and friendly senior community!