Walnut Creek vs Fairfield Retirement Community Comparison

  The Heritage Downtown Active Senior Living Apartment Homes in Walnut Creek   For those seniors out there who have their eye on a retirement community in Fairfield, as well as Walnut Creek, you will want to dive into this helpful comparison. It covers all the imperative details that a senior should know when deciding between these two San Francisco Bay Area retirement cities. It’s important to be fully informed before making your big move. This is especially true when it comes to a city’s crime rate, transportation, as well as the cost of living factor. So, let’s take a closer look at these Northern CA retirement communities and what they can offer you. [toc]

Popular Retirement Communities in Fairfield & Walnut Creek

The San Francisco Bay Area covers a vast amount of land in Northern CA. This can make it challenging to find the retirement city of your dreams. With that said, the fact that you have narrowed it down to retiring in Fairfield, CA, or, Walnut Creek is fantastic. You have made much progress and will be moving to your new senior retirement home in the Bay Area in no time! We know you are eager to get started, so, let’s dive into our Walnut Creek vs Fairfield retirement community comparison!

Location – Sensational Bay Area Communities in Northern CA

Location - San Francisco Bay Area Retirement Community for Seniors 55 PlusFairfield and Walnut Creek offer much as far as their locations are concerned. They are both located in areas of Northern CA that seem to be quite popular with senior citizens. From beautiful rolling hills, vineyards, and fantastic cityscapes, you will find that these sensational San Francisco Bay Area senior communities will exceed your expectations!

Have a look at these NorCal retirement cities to see which may be right for you:

Walnut Creek: The 55+ individuals that reside in this outstanding senior community enjoy a wide variety of features that its location offers them. Walnut Creek has a beautiful natural setting that includes wide-open spaces, rolling hills, as well as nature trails. On the other hand, Walnut Creek also provides its residents with a great city life, complete with top-rated shops and restaurants! Because of this, the residents of the Heritage Downtown love their location that is situated in the heart of downtown Walnut Creek. When the retired senior citizens of Walnut Creek want to travel out of the city, its location makes it a simple process. It offers several major freeways that interconnect, making Walnut Creek a central hub for traveling in either direction. Overall, living in a retirement community in Walnut Creek will place you in an incredible location that will be sure to meet your needs. Fairfield: This Northern CA senior community rests in Solano County, in the North region of the Bay Area. It’s about 40 miles from the center point of San Francisco, as well as Sacramento. Fairfield, CA, has one major freeway that runs through it, and another that mostly runs along the border of the city. Its location offers beautiful open spaces, nature trails, parks, and more. Additionally, this area features land that is perfect for growing grapes. This means you will find a variety of impressive vineyards in Fairfield. This Bay Area retirement community offers a mid-sized city that includes professional businesses, plenty of dining options, as well as popular shopping destinations. Fairfield’s location certainly makes it a great place to retire.

Climate – Retire in a Bay Area Community with Perfect Weather

Everyone loves great weather, and that’s just what you will get if retire in Fairfield, CA, or, Walnut Creek. These two cities have weather that you will find to be comfortable and pleasant. Let’s take a look at the climate details for these two Bay Area active senior retirement communities. Walnut Creek: This East Bay senior hot spot provides its residents with perfect temperature averages that range from the 50s to 80s. This is one aspect of Walnut Creek that the residents of the Heritage Downtown enjoy on a daily basis. Additionally, when it comes to rain, Walnut Creek doesn’t experience too much of it. This is fantastic for those seniors who have issues with joint pain when it’s wet and cold outside. Although it does rain a bit, but just enough to keep the area lush and green. This San Francisco retirement community is also known for providing many sunny days, which is wonderful for active seniors who love to get out and about.

Fairfield: This Solano County senior retirement community typically has temperatures that range from the high 30s to low 90s. This region of the bay area experiences hot summer climates during the day, and colder temperatures during the evening. It doesn’t rain too much in Fairfield, but it does produce a little more participation than Walnut Creek. The rain typically comes in the winter season. In our research, we didn’t find any issues with the weather patterns in this Bay Area retirement community.

Climate - Fairfield Senior Homes in Northern CA

Cost of Living – Moving to a Walnut Creek or Fairfield Retirement Community is Affordable

When searching for the best place to retire in the San Francisco Bay area, you will want to land on a location that is affordable. For instance, if you don’t plan carefully, you may end up short each month. With that said, ensuring things like rent and transportation are affordable is essential. The good news is that no matter which Bay Area city you choose to retire in – Fairfield or Walnut Creek, you will find them both to have a reasonable cost of living.

Population – More Seniors Retire in Walnut Creek

If you are looking for a place to retire in the Northern CA Bay Area that has a smaller population, then Walnut Creek might be your best bet. It sports a comfortable population of 68,516. Fairfield, CA, has a population number of 112,790, which is almost double in size. This doesn’t mean that Fairfield is not a good option, you just have to decide if a lower population number is a priority for you when choosing your San Francisco Bay Area retirement community. Take a look at a few specific numbers relating to age and population:
  • Walnut Creek’s population numbers for senior citizens ages 65 to 74 is 13%, with Fairfield being only 7.0%.
  • The median age is 13.8 years younger in Fairfield, CA.
Walnut Creek comes out on top when it comes to the number of seniors that are 85 and older: Older Adults Ages 85 and Over Who Retire in Fairfield CA

Transportation – Bay Area Seniors Need Reliable Mobility Options

Older adults who retire in the San Francisco Bay Area, no matter what their age, should always have access to reliable transportation options. Not having access can lead to isolation, missed medical appointments, and so on. To avoid this situation, it’s important to research the city you are interested in to ensure it has transportation options that meet your needs.

Outstanding Walnut Creek Transportation Options:

Transportation Options for Independent Retired Seniors in Fairfield CaliforniaThe retired seniors who live in Walnut Creek have no problems getting around town or traveling outside the city. Walnut Creek offers several transportation options that are very affordable and reliable, and utilized by seniors of all ages. Let’s see what options will be available to you if you move to a retirement community in Walnut Creek, CA.
  • The Trolley: 55+ adults who retire in Walnut Creek can take advantage of the Downtown Trolley. It’s an exceptional means of transportation for those seeking to do a little shopping and dining in downtown Walnut Creek. Also, you’ll be happy to know that there is no charge to ride the trolley!
  • Walnut Creek Shuttle Services: Catch a ride on the Creekside or Shadelands Shuttle when you need to go grocery shopping, get to your medical appointments, as well as run essential errands. This is a free and convenient way to travel around the city.
  • Senior Mini Bus Program: This program was specifically designed for seniors who need assistance getting to their appointments, as well as running errands. It’s a helpful resource for older adults who have retired in Walnut Creek, and it will only cost you $1 each way!
  • Contra Costa Transportation: If you are one to take the bus, you can ride the County Connection, Walnut Creek’s public bus system. This low-cost means of transportation will take you around the city, as well as travel to other Bay Area cities. If you would like to travel even further, or, travel quickly, try out BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), the San Francisco Bay Area’s commuter rail system.

Affordable Transportation Options in Fairfield, CA:

If you’re an active senior who has decided to move to a Fairfield retirement community, you will have a few great transportation options to choose from. This will allow you to make it to your appointments, grab a bite to eat with friends, and more. Take a look at these affordable options that will be available to you if you retire in Fairfield, CA.
  • FAST: The Fairfield and Suisun Transit has been providing affordable and reliable public bus transportation since 1975. It enables residents to easily travel around Fairfield, or, to other Bay Area cities. All FAST buses are wheelchair accessible.
  • Reduced Fare Taxi Program: This fantastic program was designed to give seniors a cost-effective way to get where they need to go. The program is for seniors who are age 60 and older and allows them to utilize the local taxi service at a reduced price. It’s available 24/7 and is used often by the seniors who live in a Fairfield retirement community.
For those of you who are interested in traveling to other cities for a day of fun, check out our Bay Area destination guide. You will find that there are plenty of great things to do in the surrounding areas!

Crime Rate – Retire in a Safe San Francisco Bay Area Senior Community

If you move to a Fairfield retirement community, or, one in Walnut Creek, you will want to be aware of the crime rate. Retiring in a safe Bay Area city should be your goal. With that said, you will be relieved to know that both Walnut Creek, CA, and Fairfield have low crime rates. If you are a stickler about the numbers, it’s worth mentioning that the city of Walnut Creek does have a lower crime number than Fairfield.
  • Walnut Creek Crime: 11.7
  • Fairfield Crime: 20.2
Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime)

Healthcare – Quality Medical Care for Seniors in the Bay Area

Healthcare for Active Seniors in Walnut Creek and Fairfield Retirement CommunitiesIf you have to choose one element to focus on as being important when looking for the best retirement community in Northern CA, it should be quality healthcare. Imagine finding the perfect senior housing facility only to learn that the nearest medical facility is an hour away. If you happen to find a Fairfield retirement community that you just love, or, one in Walnut Creek, you won’t have to worry because they both offer great healthcare facilities. Walnut Creek John Muir Medical Center:  This award-winning hospital has had nothing but rave reviews. From simple visits to emergency situations, John Muir Medical Center comes out on top. This top-rated hospital has 554-licensed beds, and has been named the county’s only trauma center. John Muir has been proudly rated as one of the nation’s premier healthcare providers by U.S. News & World Report. Plus, it was presented with the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ for certification as a primary stroke center. This fantastic hospital is conveniently located close to downtown Walnut Creek, making it easily accessible.

Sutter Fairfield Medical Campus: If you decide to go with a Fairfield retirement community, this health facility will be your go-to medical center. It features ambulatory and specialty care services that will cover all your needs – big and small. Sutter Fairfield Medical Campus specializes in pulmonary care, cancer, gastroenterology, diabetes, and much more. You can feel at peace knowing there will be quality healthcare nearby if you retire in Fairfield, CA.

Entertainment – Fairfield & Walnut Creek Provide Outstanding Activities for Seniors

If you’re an independent active senior and looking to retire in the Northern CA Bay Area, it will be to your benefit to ensure that there are plenty of entertainment options. Imagine moving to a city where there is not much going on. This would be a bit on the boring side, as well as a potential for isolation. Taking part in activities with your senior friends can add a sense of belonging, as well as possibly keep you fit physically and mentally. For this reason, we did some upfront research. Take a look at our findings:

Enjoy These Entertainment Opportunities in Walnut Creek:

Entertainment in a Fairfield Retirement Community
This wonderful Bay Area senior hot spot offers much in the way of activities that are perfect for senior citizens. From championship golf courses to musical performances, Walnut Creek has it all! Let’s dive into a few of the terrific entertainment options this NorCal senior community has to offer:
  • Boundary Oak Golf Course: Some active seniors simply won’t move to a retirement community unless there is a quality golf course in the area. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! Walnut Creek sports a fabulous 18-hole championship golf course. It provides sensational putting greens, a professional driving range, and more. This course also gives you a chance to enjoy views of San Ramon Valley while you play a round golf. The Boundary Oak Golf Course has a popular restaurant called the Tap House. It’s perfect for enjoying a few beers, a glass of wine, and a bite to eat. Before you leave, you will also want to stop by the clubhouse for some professional golf supplies.
  • Lesher Center for the Arts: The retired seniors who live in Walnut Creek are quite familiar with this outstanding art center. In fact, the Heritage Downtown has partnered with the Lesher Center for the Arts, that’s how popular it is with the older adults who reside there. If you visit this fantastic center, you will be able to see a variety of entertainment. This includes comedies, musicals, plays, operas, and a lot more. The Bedford Art Gallery is also situated in the Lesher Center for the Arts. It’s a great place to gather to view modern and traditional art.
  • Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival: Seniors who move this East Bay retirement community will enjoy its fantastic street festival. The Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival will allow you to gather with friends to hear live music, enjoy local wines and craft beers, as well as shop its arts and craft’s vendor booths. If you retire in Walnut Creek, be sure to mark your calendar ahead of time!
  • Walnut Creek Senior Club: For those of you who know you will be interested in joining a great club after you make the big move, you’re in luck! Walnut Creek is the home of a popular senior club that you’re going to just love. They organize lots of activities on a weekly basis. This keeps their members busy, as well as physically and mentally fit. Its members enjoy such activities as tennis, bingo, bowling, skiing, sing-a-longs, movies, and more. This senior club is also a wonderful place to make friends in your community.
If you are one to do extensive traveling, then check out our Senior Bay Area Destination Guide. It will give you and your fellow seniors some great ideas for afternoon getaways.

Enjoy These Entertainment Opportunities in Fairfield:

San Francisco Bay Area Retirement Community ActivitiesSettling into a Fairfield retirement community will allow you to take part in a variety of entertainment opportunities. From visiting their well-known wineries to taking a hike through nature, Fairfield can be a fun and interesting place to retire. Let’s see what this San Francisco Bay Area senior community has to offer.
  • Vezer Family Vineyard’s Mankas Gardens: The Northern CA Bay Area retirement community of Fairfield is the place to be if you are a lover of fine wineries. A particular winery you will want to be sure to visit is the Vezer Family Vineyard’s Mankas Gardens. This fabulous winery provides a lovely outdoor garden seating area along with private wine tastings rooms. They produce exceptional wines that have won many awards and are known throughout the Bay Area. They specialize in crafting outstanding Petite Sirah and Zinfandel wines. It’s worth mentioning that this specific area that their Petite Sirah grapes are grown, was noted by U.C. Davis University as the best location in California for producing top-quality wines of this type.
  • American Armory Museum: Moving to a Fairfield retirement community has its benefits, and being able to visit this amazing museum is one of them. The American Armory Museum showcases sixty vehicles from World War II, as well as the Vietnam War. You will also have an opportunity to see General George S. Patton’s 1943 Command Jeep. Plus, this museum houses an Achilles tank and there are only 6 that exist to date. You can also view their incredible memorabilia, along with a variety of flags. This includes an original American flag from the Civil War. All this and the admission is free!

Find Senior Housing in a Walnut Creek or Fairfield Retirement Community

After reading through our comparison, you might be leaning in one direction when it comes to retiring in Fairfield or Walnut Creek. Either way, you will have some great options regarding senior housing facilities. Your best bet would be to conduct detailed research. This will ensure that you find San Francisco Bay Area senior housing that fits your particular needs. Take a look at a few details pertaining to these two Northern CA senior hot spots:

Senior Citizen Retirement Housing in Fairfield, CA

Will you be moving to a Fairfield retirement community? If so, you will want to start your search to find the best retirement homes in the Fairfield area. Once you gather up a few places, do your research to see which are more affordable. As well as which have the best amenities, and are close to public transpiration facilities. You may even want to check reviews online. This will allow you to hear from real people who may have lived there. We wish you the best as you start your new life within your chosen San Francisco Bay Area retirement community!

Senior Citizen Retirement Housing in Walnut Creek, CA

The Heritage Downtown Luxury Senior Apartment Homes in Walnut CreekIndependent seniors who move to a retirement community in Walnut Creek will be happy to hear that there are outstanding senior housing options that will be available to you. If you do your research right, you will come across some great San Francisco Bay Area senior housing facilities that offer excellent amenities, as well as affordable pricing. Let’s take a look at one in particular: The Heritage Downtown Active Senior Living Apartments If you’re planning on retiring in Walnut Creek, then you will want to take a look at these much-talked-about all-inclusive senior apartment homes. Their amenities far exceed those of other facilities in the area. Additionally, they offer specially designed programs that are created to keep their residents physically and mentally fit. If you love gardening, then you will enjoy living at the Heritage Downtown. It offers fabulous garden spaces for its residents! Or, if you’re more of a tech person, they provide innovative technology rooms to keep you up to date! In addition to this, when assistance is needed, their concierge service will be there day and night. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer shuttle services, weekly housekeeping, group outings, a swimming pool and spa, and more. This East Bay senior housing facility also offers an onsite award-winning eatery. The Heritage Downtown is conveniently located within walking distance to downtown Walnut Creek. Its retired residents frequently walk over to this great area to do a little shopping and dining. It’s clear to see that these Bay Area senior apartment homes have much to offer!

A Variety of Northern CA Retirement Cities to Choose From

Learn more about these other Bay Area cities to see if a city sparks your interest:

Enjoy Your Walnut Creek or Fairfield Retirement Community!

No matter which Northern CA retirement community you choose – Fairfield or Walnut creek, we sincerely hope that you live life to the fullest, make new friends, and explore the area! Furthermore, if Walnut Creek is your retirement destination of choice, then you will want to take a look at this informational video on Downtown Walnut Creek. It will give a chance to see what this city has to offer even before you retire there!
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